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New Ways to Save Money with Daily Deals

by Melissa Miller

Saving Money: Our Primary Concern

With the economic situation currently facing our country and most of the world, saving money has become our new primary concern. Whether it’s a visit to the supermarket, a night out for dinner and entertainment, or a stop at the mechanic for auto service, it seems we are always searching for that coupon or sale that will save us some bucks and lighten our financial load. Luckily for us, there’s a booming online market out there that’s ready and eager to offer us deals on almost anything we can think of: home products and services, food and drink, beauty, health, fitness, nutrition, sports, clothing, travel and more. The list doesn’t end. The online web serves as a platform for over 10,000 daily deal sites that offer a plethora of deals each day at discounts of 53% on average. Some of these sites include LivingSocial, Groupon, and Facebook.

Over the past few years, deal of the day websites have exploded in popularity because they provide customers with high quality products and services at very low costs. For example, a customer can purchase a year of online guitar lessons normally worth $108 for $19, a whopping 82% off of retail value. Other possible offers include 78% off of brand-name cosmetics, household appliances for less than half price, and discounted laptops and electronics.

Are Daily Deals Taking Over the World?

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Deal of the Day Websites Exploding in Popularity

The future of this business looks bright. By 2015, the total amount of daily deal sites is expected to exceed 20,000! With the advancement of technology, more and more retailers are utilizing the web to reach out to new markets and increase sales. IPhones, iPads, smartphones and other mobile devices now feature applications which allow users to shop online at these major deal sites from any place at any time.

I’ve just learned that Groupon and other companies are integrating their platforms into map applications and GPS devices, allowing users to get real-time alerts on deals based on their current location. This allows for increased exposure to these deals which ultimately results in greater sales and greater savings. The recent success of this market has caused other business models such as penny auctions, high-end product sites, and discounted gift card sites to join in on this growing trend.

The booming online daily deal market is the new big thing and everyone, merchants and consumers alike, are running to take advantage of what it has to offer. Staying alert and taking advantage of the high competition in this market can result in great savings for you and me!

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