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Big Cookie: Homemade Individually Wrapped Cookies for Sale-Great Home Business!

by Melissa Miller

Big Cookie Cookies for DeliveryHomemade Cookies for Sale Gave This Big Cookie Baker a Great Home Business

The owner of Big Cookie, LLC provides homemade, gourmet, individually wrapped cookies for sale as his home business. Did this full time baker always think he would operate a gourmet cookie delivery business? Heck, no!

Aaron Brilliant, a civil engineer by trade, was the guy that showed up at parties with a box or bag full of store bought cookies as his hostess gift. Time and time again he would get ridiculed by his friends for showing up with his box full of stale “goodies.” He’s a good-natured guy that doesn’t mind when his friends poke fun at him, but he thought he would have the last laugh when he showed up to a party with a 30-pound vanilla cake! I’d like to say that this monster sugar bomb was an enormous hit and his baking career was born, but alas, the cake was only mediocre at best. However, the baker to be was ignited inside Aaron and he knew he just had to get it right. He set his sights on cookies. Not just any cookies with little chips of store bought chocolate in them, but correctly engineered, preservative free, cookies concocted from a compilation of the finest recipes with the finest ingredients that will ruin your desire for any other cookie but a Big Cookie. I speak from experience because I’ve tasted the Big Cookie. Let me be honest…I’ve tasted A LOT of Big Cookies!

The Big Cookie Business Was Born Big Cookie Bonus from Big Cookie, Best Homemade Cookies for Sale

Aaron’s homemade cookies were so good, that his family and friends encouraged him to pursue making cookies as a business and offer his homemade cookies for sale online. That’s exactly what Aaron did! He took a leap of faith and quit his engineering job to bake Big Cookies full time (Not always recommended!). After several months of having his Big Cookie brand developed and website created, in addition to advertising materials, labels and boxes for cookies, Aaron is in business and selling his homemade gourmet cookies from his website. He has also rented a table at a local farmers’ market (The Farmers’ Market in Elverson, PA) to get some local exposure for the big taste of his Big Cookies!

The Big Cookie Difference

It’s an unbelievably hard thing to do to quit a full time, mortgage and bill paying job to devote everything to a dream of doing what you love as a business. Aaron loves baking his cookies and he has the passion for it.  He also knows he has something different in that his background as an engineer (with that “engineering mind”) has given him an edge in how he measures his premium ingredients, and continuously looks for improvements with every cookie flavor he bakes. That’s the only way I can describe it. I’ve never had a cookie better than a Big Cookie. Period. In addition, with every order he sends out, he includes his signature “Big Cookie Bonus.” The Big Cookie Bonus” is a cookie weighing 7 oz. that sits in its own holder, cradled above the dozen, individually wrapped cookies below (actually, Aaron includes the Big Cookie Bonus in 1/2 dozen orders as well). This one gigantic bonus cookie is like getting an extra two plus cookies in your order!

Big Cookie Flavors Make Big Cookie a Standout

Aaron’s home cookie business is definitely headed in the right direction. Not only does he have his engineering background the finest ingredients and recipes to send his business rocketing to homemade cookie business stardom, he has also come up with the most delicious cookie flavors. Here’s a list of his flavors on his website now:

Big Milk Chocolate Chunk

Big Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Unity

Big Oatmeal Cinnamon Raisin Harvest (the best oatmeal raisin cookie you’ll ever taste!)

Big Smooth Butterscotch Walnut (a Big Cookie favorite)

Big White Chocolate Cran-Cherry Twist

Big White Chocolate Pecan Crunch

Big Chocolate Trifecta

Big Double Dark Chocolate Blackout

Big Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Unity (my absolute favorite!)

Big Double Dark Chocolate Coconut Getaway

Big Super Six Combo: Six of the Big Cookie favorites–

• Big Milk Chocolate Chunk
• Big Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Unity
• Big White Chocolate Cran-Cherry Twist
• Big White Chocolate Pecan Crunch
• Big Oatmeal Cinnamon Raisin Harvest
• Big Smooth Butterscotch Walnut

Big Chocolate Lover’s Combo: A dozen of  the fab four!

• Big Double Dark Chocolate Blackout
• Big Double Dark Chocolate Coconut Getaway
• Big Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Unity
• Big Chocolate Trifecta

Soon, Big Cookie will be offering a gluten-free gourmet cookie line as well. Look for this on 1BigCookie.com soon (A good reason to bookmark the website!).

Do You Need a Reason to Buy a Big Cookie?

Good news! You don’t need a reason at all to buy Big Cookies! I bought them for a friend who broke her leg, and to take to an Easter dinner celebration with family. You can buy them for gifts, for yourself, to bring to the office to impress your co-workers with your knowledge of fine gourmet baked goods! Folks, don’t let anything stop you from ordering Big Cookies; you won’t be sorry! Plus, you’ll be supporting a genuinely, nice guy (yep, I know him personally) who thoroughly enjoys baking cookies and seeing the smiles on the faces of everyone that tries them.

Can there be a better home-based job than this? Big Cookie, be careful! You may outgrow your digs before you know it!

SPECIAL DISCOUNT…Aaron at Big Cookie has been kind enough to extend a 10% discount on cookie orders for MyMochaMoney.com readers in addition to the 10% discount currently running on his website. Visit 1BigCookie.com and enter “BC10-mymochamoney” (no quotes) at checkout to receive your discount! Offer expires May 31, 2013.



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