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Man Makes $100-$300 A Day Sitting In A Car

by Melissa Miller

money walletI came across an article about a guy that was making $100-$300 a day–not on the internet–but just sitting in a car. Now I don’t know if this guy still does this since the article is a few years old, but I just loved his creativity to earn extra money by meeting a need.

This article was written by “pfadvice” who writes on a blog called Personal Finance Advice. Pfadvice was at a gathering when he started a conversation with a man who described his job as a “commute helper.”

Pfadvice asked what a “commute helper” was.

The man replied that he helped people have a smooth and quick commute.

Pfadvice asked the man who that was done.

“I sit in their car, ” the man said with a smile.

So this is what happened in Pfadvice’s own words…

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, the commutes in certain sections are absolutely horrendous. This guy was sitting in a traffic jam one morning watching all the people in the carpool lane drive by while he was moving at snail’s pace. He decided that he needed to get someone else in his car so that he could get to work in a timely manner using the carpool lane, and at first thought that his only option was to start a carpool.

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As he thought about it more, however, he thought that he (as in himself and his body) was actually a valuable commodity and he could sell himself and that is exactly what he did. He walked to the freeway entrance and held up a sign that said,

“Traffic is bad. Spend 2 hours or pay me $10 and get there in 20 minutes”

He said the first day he was picked up within 15 minutes. When he got dropped off, he walked to the other side, held up his sign and got paid to go back the other way too. On a typical day he makes 2 to 3 round trips during the morning commute rush hour and 3 – 5 round trips during the evening rush hour. If there is an accident and traffic is really slow, his price doubles. He clears $100 – $300 a day sitting in a car so others can get to work and home faster!

I don’t know about you, but this guy not only is creative in his method of making at least $100 a day, but also gutsy! I can’t say if this person is still doing this, but if he isn’t, I’m sure he has come up with another way to avoid the grind of a 9-5 job and hopefully, is doing something that he really likes and enjoying every minute of it!

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