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I’ve been writing a post every year about Black Friday deals. Years ago, I got really excited about Black Friday. I would get up super early, brew the coffee and head out the door into the cold, dark morning. As I drove my car past my neighbors homes,  still dark with sleeping owners inside, I convinced myself that I wasn’t crazy, and the awesome deals I would score would be completely worth the absurdity. Besides, I could sleep later. It wasn’t until I eased my car out of my neighborhood and onto the main road, that I realized I wasn’t alone.

Many Black Friday’s have come and gone since I exchanged the pre-dawn excursion to the mall for the more pleasant experience of sitting at my kitchen island in my pj’s, sipping my cup of coffee, and surfing the internet for the same type of deals–some better–than the mall stores could offer. No driving around looking for a parking spot, running from store to store to find what I wanted before it was gone, or dealing with the crowds. Nope. Just me in the kitchen with my computer and debit card in hand. The house will be quiet because I will still get up early. Like every other year, I will also be prepared.

It’s too easy to get distracted on the computer when your’e Black Friday shopping. You have to know the websites you want to visit before the day arrives. Not unlike brick and mortar stores,  the websites will also have limited stock of the best finds. Preparation is key, so below I’ve listed links to your favorite stores’ Black Friday deals page online. Some of the websites even have pre-sales going on.If a store didn’t have their deals page online yet, they will soon (so the link to a few of the stores below directs you to their home page). In addition, I’ve included a couple of apps I use to continuously check deals the stores have added.

 Black Friday 2014 – Store Websites

Amazon Deals

Babies R Us

Barnes and Noble

Bed Bath & Beyond

Best Buy


Dicks Sporting Goods

Five Below


Guitar Center

JC Penney

Jo-Ann Fabrics







Office Depot




Radio Shack

Rite Aid

Sears Deals

Sports Authority


Toys R Us

Walmart Deals

Black Friday 2014 – Recommended Apps

The following two apps are my favorite for Black Friday shopping. You probably don’t need any more than this to check out the deals you may be interested in.  What I especially like about the Slickdeals app – and I’m quoting one of the reviewers for this app because I agree with them – is that the Slickdeals users have rated all the Black Friday deals so you can easily see which ones are worth fighting for.

  • Slick Deals Black Friday
  • Black Friday by Brad’s Deals

Again, preparation for the biggest shopping day of the year is key! You have plenty of time to make your plan…just make sure you don’t overspend your budget. Just because something is a great deal, it’s really not if you can’t afford it.





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